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Construction law is quite difficult to understand and involve a lot of technicalities. Even a small error in the drafting of contracts and agreements can have a serious effect and can result in a big loss to you.


Always rely on a qualified construction law attorney while handling any residential or commercial construction project or investment. Get in touch with us for genuine legal advice and construction law services.

Jennifer J Schade LLC Attorney at Law offers extensive legal services pertaining to family law matters, criminal law issues, business law and bankruptcy cases, and more. Call us at 541-851-9032 to discuss your need.

Whether you are an owner, a contractor, or a subcontractor, our attorney will provide you with the best legal representation you need. From suggesting mitigation measures for construction-related legal issues and dealing with Construction Contractor Board (CCB) to drafting of contracts, we've got you covered.

Let's take care of your construction and property law matters

Let us assist you on construction and property law issues

Get useful advice from our qualified lawyer on complex construction law matters.

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